Destroy The Beat EP

by The Boy That Ate His Glasses

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The Boy That Ate His Glasses was an electronic musician and wordsmith who released a bunch of DIY EP's between 2007 and 2012. Rumor has it he then retreated to a recluse Chinese mountaintop to study ancient wisdom from the east and become a Taoist monk. Nothing was heard of him ever since…

However, when we were cleaning out his studio to divide his gear amongst ourselves and feast upon it, we discovered a 16 GB flash-disk containing a bunch of unreleased material (along with some really disgusting home-made porn-movies and a large quantity of rather suspicious-looking computer-code; but that's another story altogether) that we feel is just too good to be kept locked away gathering digital dust in some unspecified vault somewhere. Hence we decided to release the material anyway, even though so far we haven't been able to get explicit consent from TBTAHG himself on this.

So anyway, the 'Destroy The Beat EP' is the first of these 'posthumous' TBTAHG releases we proudly present to you. It consists of five instrumental electronic tracks that had been gathered in a folder entitled 'Destroy The Beat EP', along with a text file that mentioned a track-list, a list of gear used in creating these songs, and the sentence "An exercise in sonic destruction". Wether or not TBTAHG himself had ever intended these tracks to be released in their current form though, will forever remain a mystery…


released November 21, 2012


All songs written, home-recorded and produced by The Boy That Ate His Glasses.

Gear used: Ableton Live + Plugins, SP-404, Axiom 49, QuNeo & an acoustic guitar.




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